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Discover the technology and potential of the VMS division.


DN has a global network in 10 countries and 7 R&D centers across the world,
which enable us to supply technologies and products to the location of choice for our customers.

We have carefull located our global footprints in every continent to stay close to our customers.
With this worldwide network, we can readily provide optimized services to the customers.

Each DN Tech Center capitalises on it`s location and technologies. By working together,
and in conjunction with the manufacturing sites, we create greater synergy to optimise the use of resources and technology.
This global team work is further enhanced by actively encouraging relocation opportunities, leading to the exchanges of employees across regions.

  • German Tech Center

  • Korea Tech Center

  • Italy Tech Center

  • UK Tech Center

  • US Tech Center

  • Brazil Tech Center

  • China Tech Center