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Introducing the best VMS division products by sector.


Let us introduce our Railway products.

People move. Thousands each day choose the railway.

Through development and production, DN ensures the best quality and reliability in supplying anti-vibration products for the world’s biggest railway manufacturers.
For over fifty years, DN expertise has produced elastic rubber-metal systems for train and tramway OEMs that reduce vibration, shock, and noise.
We produce primary (Eligo springs, Chevron springs, Conic springs) and secondary suspensions (Torpress Springs, R-Type springs, RS-Type Springs),
spherical bushings, sliding bushings, elastic joints, and lateral bumpers.

Through sophisticated computing systems, DN offers engineering development of components that meet the most demanding customer requirements.
Starting from the in-house design and production of rubber compounds, moulds, and metallic sub-components, through to the testing and marketing
of the finished product, DN’s production process is characterized by vertical integration.
This extends to in-line static and dynamic rate testing of every batch produced, to ensure the highest consistency in quality and reliability.
DN is constantly investing in research and development on new projects, ensuring high performing products in even the most critical applications.
Combining expertise with experience allows DN to be a leader in its field of competence, and assures the customer they are choosing the very best for their equipment.

Elastic Joint

These play a crucial role in managing forces and allowing motion between adjacent parts.
They are suitable for locating engine components, axles, or shafts, and also provide isolation from noise and vibration.

Lateral Bumper

Made as rubber only or as a rubber-metal bonding according to the application,
these parts act to limit movement in a controlled way without transmitting harshness or shock.

Primary Suspension

These perform the function of connecting the secondary suspension to the rolling stock.
They are mounted to the bogies and manage the longitudinal and lateral loads transmitted
from the railway track to the chassis.

Secondary Suspension

Surrounding the primary suspension units and acting in tandem with them,
this product makes use of the air system to replace the traditional leaf or coil springs.
Together, the primary and secondary suspension units support the weight of the chassis and
are able to counteract horizontal and torsional movement.
Manufactured from rubber coated nylon weave and a metallic or composite piston,
they contribute to greater ride comfort and noise isolation than traditional metallic elements.