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Introducing the DN Automotive VMS division, which is building a new path based on the present.

Top Quality in the world &
Best Service to the public

Uniquely positioned global player in
automotive Vibration Management Systems industry

DN supplies anti-vibration products to a wide range of global automotive OEMs. Our customers include STELLANTIS, GM, VW Group, BMW, Jaguar LandRover and Daimler. Our product base covers everything from simple bushes to active engine mounts, engineered with state-of-the-art technologies and materials. We work closely together with our customers to develop and manufacture high quality vibration management products (including engine mounts, suspension bushes and chassis mountings) meeting or exceeding their quality standards.

DN is an established global player in the Vibration Management industry. Our products are supplied to OEMs in all global regions with production plants and technical centers in Europe (UK, Italy, Germany and Poland, Asia (Korea and China), North America (US and Mexico) and South America (Brazil).

As OEM’s pursue ever shorter production cycles, it becomes even more important that we are there to support our customers at their chosen global development locations. DN remains committed to reinforcing our Research and Development capabilities with improvement and innovation. Automakers pursue ever-shorter production cycles, requiring us to work more closely than ever with our customers. We continue investment and R&D efforts to further improve our responses to the needs of our customers.

To this end, we continue to develop new materials, to advance production methods with new processes, to cooperate with universities, and to build regional technical centers around the world. Our experience in global programs allows us to provide systemic engineering in the development of our customers’ components. Our independent design and development capabilities, systemic validation processes, and global teamwork combine as a firm foundation for us to efficiently and actively respond to our customers’ requirements. This is only the beginning. We will not rest on our laurels in achieving 10% of the market share, but will continue to grow further with greater quality until we become the global No. 1 in our market.

  • Global Market
    Share 10%

    The first company in the world to successfully launch active engine mounts for mass production.

    7 Global Technical Center

    A global footprint in 10 countries, and more to come.

  • Diversification of Customer

    Product supply to global OEMs such as GM, STELLANTIS, BMW, etc. Customer base to be expanded to other global OEMs.

  • Award/Certificate

    Awards and certificates from customers & ISO 16949 certified Application of environmental management system to fulfil CSR.

  • Value

    DN is looking for new talents who are ready to face challenges,
    longing for changes, and actively communicating for better future.

    • Challenge

      Towards better future

    • Communicate


    • Change



Enhancing our engineering capability and global harmonization to achieve DN’s vision.

Top Quality
& Performance
    • Design standard
    • Lessons Learned & Preventive Action
    • Skill up, Training
    • Advance technology development
    • Communication
    • IT system
    • Harmonization
    • Competency Structure


DN is making endless efforts to be a respected company in the society.
Various measures have been taken to manage the company more transparently by preventing unethical corporate activities, encouraging sound corporate culture, and pursuing mutual benefits.

A respected company in the society
  • Compliance & Social Responsibility

    Giving back to the community

    • Compliance with the law & environment protection
    • Desirable corporate activities
    • Growing with the community
  • Respect for Clients

    Prioritizing client satisfaction

    • Figuring out and meeting clients’ needs
    • Protecting clients’ rights
    • Active communication for better solutions
  • General Ethics

    Fair Operation

    • Fair trade & mutual prosperity
    • Harmonious corporate culture
    • Safe working environment
  • Environmental Ethics

    Valuing environment

    • Meeting energy targets
    • Compliance with environmental ethics & acquisition of environmental certifications
    • Compliance with environmental rules, regulations, and requirements